It is no secret that dental implants are the best solution for missing teeth thanks to the many benefits they offer your smile. By restoring virtually 100 percent of natural tooth function and aesthetics, dental implants will make it seem like you were never missing teeth to begin with. For some people though, the titanium implant post can pose a problem for them. For those with metal allergies or who are looking for a holistic approach to dentistry, our periodontists, Drs. Bradley and Scott Ross offer beautiful and functional ceramic dental implants in Miami, FL.

But what are ceramic dental implants? They are non-metallic, highly biocompatible implant posts that allow for proper osseointegration with the jaw bone. Functionally, ceramic dental implants are no different than traditional titanium ones, so you are not missing out on any of the benefits. They are screw-like posts that fuse with your jaw bone and stimulate proper bone growth.

Since ceramic dental implants are a natural white color, they blend in better with your smile should you suffer from gum recession or exposure of the implant post itself. Additionally, if you are missing a front tooth or one that is readily apparent when you smile, ceramic implants are one of the best solutions to choose. Because of the white color, they look even more natural and patients never have to worry about thin lines of metal showing around the gum line or even through the gum tissue.

Many people who choose ceramic dental implants in Miami, FL, do so because they have an allergy or sensitivity to metal. By using these ceramic dental implants, our periodontists can replace missing teeth effectively and patients do not have to life with bridges or flippers as a replacement solution. And ceramic dental implants are also excellent for our holistic patients who seek a non-metal option for their mouths. The ceramic material is more natural and equally healthy for patients.

Are you interested in a beautiful dental implant that is healthy for you and durable? Schedule a consultation with our periodontists today to discuss if ceramic dental implants are right for your smile!