What does it feel like having a dentist drill into your jawbone and insert titanium bolts? Thanks to anesthesia, you won’t have to find out in order to get dental implants. Anesthesia will play a key role in making sure your dental implant procedure only involves a minimal amount of discomfort. Find out what type of anesthesia you’ll undergo to have your implants placed.

Local Anesthesia Options

For most people, local anesthesia will be all that’s required for them to have a comfortable experience having their dental implants placed. Typically, the local anesthetic is administered via syringe. After a quick prick to the gums, you won’t feel anything at the implant site until after the dentist has finished the procedure.

After the implant placement procedure, you might experience mild to moderate discomfort originating from the implant site. However, you can mute the discomfort with over-the-counter pain pills.

If you have a fear of needles, talk to your dentist about oral solutions for getting the anesthesia you need to get through the procedure comfortably. This won’t typically be the dentist’s preferred route, because it means your appointment will take longer to account for the time required for the medication to take effect. However, keeping you comfortable is just as important to your dentist as keeping appointments efficient. So don’t hesitate to ask.

General Anesthesia Options

Usually, general anesthesia isn’t required to have dental implants placed. You could get a full set of dental implants for dentures, four up top and a four on the bottom, without needing general anesthesia.

If you’re worried you won’t be able to sit still long enough or you don’t want more than one shot of a local anesthetic, ask your dentist about your options for general anesthesia. To make sure you’re in good enough health to receive general anesthesia, your dentist will look at the current state of your health and reference your medical history. Your dentist may talk with your primary care physician to help determine if general anesthesia is safe for you.

Find Out More About Your Options

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