The promise of stable dentures that won’t slide around in your mouth while you eat, talk or smile big for a photo - It all sounds fantastic, right? But what do dental implants actually cost? Well, the affordability of dental implants relies on some factors that are variable as well as some others that are constants. You'll need to factor in both to get a better idea of how much dental implants will cost you in the Miami area.

Constant Factors in the Cost
The biggest constant in determining the cost of dental implants is the price of the actual products used in the procedure. For reference, prices for a single-tooth dental implant typically range from $1,000 to $3,000. It’s important to keep in mind that full dentures, and even partials, won’t require a dental implant for each tooth. One implant can support several artificial teeth.

While not exactly a constant, technically, you can expect prices for the labor-side of things to look fairly uniform across regions around the country (e.g., dental implant cost in Miami vs the cost in New York City). Deals well below market averages are probably too good to be true and likely aren’t listing all of the associated costs with placing the implants.

Variable Factors in the Cost
The biggest variable in determining the cost of dental implants is you. Your medical history, the current state of your oral health, your personal preferences – these are all things that could potentially drive the cost up or down for you personally.

You’ll require some level of sedation in order to have your dental implants placed, so you medical history and current health will play a role in determining what sedation options are available to you. You may require additional services, such as a bone graft to ensure that your dental implants all successfully fuse into your jawbone.

Also, your dentist’s office may offer several options for implant and dentures styles. In that case, you’d have an even bigger say in the price your dental implants cost in Miami.

Where to Get an Accurate Price
A standard dental insurance plan and dental financing options make dental implants affordable for the masses, yet this technology still may be too pricey for many people. The best way to know for sure how much dental implants will cost and if they’d be the best route for you is to talk to a local dentist about dental implant cost in Miami.

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