Dentists and periodontists are not the same thing. Periodontists receive additional training after dental school to focus on oral surgical techniques, such as dental implants. Therefore, if you want implants, then your best bet is to schedule an appointment with our periodontist in Miami, FL. Drs. Bradley A. Ross and Scott B. Ross have helped numerous people in the area, and you can be next.  

Periodontists Lower the Risk of Complications  

Studies show periodontists have a much higher rate of success when it comes to inserting implants than general dentists. The reason for this is that periodontists need to go through an extra 5,000 hours of training and education. They possess a much better understanding of potential complications and how to circumvent them.  

Periodontists Can Treat Other Conditions Before Placing the Implant  

Periodontists can also help patients who suffer from gum disease. A large part of their extra education focuses on gum health and treating diseases that specifically impact the gums. You cannot receive dental implants if you have infected gum tissue, and Dr. Ross will be able to take care of everything in one office. This prevents you from having to schedule several appointments at different locations.  

Periodontists Can Guarantee Improved Aesthetics  

Periodontists have comprehensive knowledge of how the jaw bone and gum tissue heals following this treatment. While the bone heals following insertion of the implant, our periodontist will keep a close eye on all your oral structures. Ensuring proper healing guarantees more attractive final results. This ensures the restoration looks completely natural. Your implant will fill in the gap perfectly without impacting the surrounding teeth.  
 Get the Professional Treatment You Deserve  

Dr. Ross has many years of experience with dental implants at his practice, South Florida Periodontics and Dental Implants. To see if you are a candidate, schedule an appointment at our office. It is the only way to ensure you are satisfied with your new smile.