It is never a pleasant experience to be missing teeth. Self-confidence falls, it becomes difficult to eat and speak, and your facial appearance as well as surrounding teeth begin to shift and change. Most of these problems can be prevented by choosing a tooth replacement option best suited to your needs. Consider the following replacement options for missing teeth:

Partial Denture. A removable prosthesis containing lifelike teeth to replace what is missing. 
Pros: This fits around your existing teeth and can fill in the gaps where teeth are missing. While not a permanent fix, this option gives the patient the flexibility to remove the denture when they no longer feel like wearing it. 
Cons: This option does not provide a strong, stable bite as the denture simply rests between existing teeth. It also does not stimulate the jaw bone, so deterioration of the bone will occur along with the possibility of shifting teeth and a changing bite.

Dental Bridge. Lifelike dental crowns connected to abutment teeth that span the gap of one or more missing teeth.
Pros: Dental bridges look natural in the smile and can be cemented on for a strong and stable bite. The crowns can replace multiple missing teeth at one time and since they are attached together, provide more convenience for the patient. 
Cons: Dental bridges require abutment teeth to attach to, which means natural, healthy teeth will need to be permanently reshaped to support the crowns. Additionally, the jaw bone is not stimulated, so bone deterioration can occur and make it more difficult to replace teeth later with dental implants.

Dental Implants. The gold standard of permanent tooth replacement. Dental implants in Miami, FL, mimic a natural tooth in both function and aesthetics.
Pros: A dental implant provides all the benefits of a natural tooth, while also being a long-term and stain-resistant solution to missing teeth. The implant post provides stimulation to the jaw bone to prevent deterioration, while the crown looks seamless in the smile and offers a strong bite. With proper care, a dental implant can last the rest of your life and help you maintain better oral health.
Cons: While dental implants are the ideal solution to missing teeth, they can require a short healing time after surgery. Typically, dental implants are also costlier up front, but over the course of a lifetime are a better investment in your overall and oral health. 

Dr. Bradley Ross from South Florida Periodontics & Dental Implants offers all these solutions to missing teeth. If you would like to discuss how dental implants in Miami, FL, can change your life and smile for the better, schedule a consultation today!