Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Patient testimonial South Florida Periodontics and Dental Implants - Miami, FL

Michel came to us seeking "Teeth in a Day." He was aware that his teeth were "falling apart." He was very hesitant about replacing his teeth, which is why it took him a long time to get in for a consultation. After spending time with Michel and giving him options on how to replace his teeth, we decided the best treatment for him would be to replace his upper teeth with dental implants and immediate permanent teeth. Two weeks ago we began his treatment, removing his remaining upper teeth and placing five dental implants. The same day, teeth were fabricated and screwed onto the implants. The night of the surgery, as part of our normal follow up routine, he was called and informed Dr. Ross that not only did he not have any pain, but he was beyond happy. Michel was one of the nicest people to work with and to get to know. He paid the highest compliment of thanking Dr. Ross not only for the work performed, but for helping him change his life and giving him his smile back. "I am going to smile forever" he told Dr. Ross. This is just another example of how "Teeth Today," also called "Teeth In A Day" treatment can change someone's life. Thank you Michel.

"On my first visit to Dr. Brad Ross needless to say I was incredibly nervous. Although I am no stranger to dental procedures knowing the extent of dental work I was facing left me with anxiety and a slight fear. Dr. Ross explained his plan of work along with the costs with an understanding patience. Every question I had was answered to my satisfaction no matter how trivial the question may have been. During each procedure from one single tooth extraction to the most extreme of six extractions at once along with three implants for a denture attachment, Dr. Ross had a gentle touch and a constant concern for my comfort level and pain control. His assistant Adriana was incredibly attentive to me while at the same time she made sure that everything Dr. Ross needed for the procedure was ready to go when he entered the room. The care Dr. Ross and his team has been 100% professional but most of all the care has been on the same level that he would treat family. Dr. Ross has one of the best office staffs I have ever dealt with. When I called with a question they answered it immediately, they helped coordinate my appointments with my dentist when needed, my prescriptions were ordered from the pharmacy in a timely manner and scheduling appointment times was a breeze. The entire office was excellent, however I want to thank Lucy, Lucia and Jennifer for going the extra mile whenever I needed something. I would like to thank my dentist Dr. James Steig for recommending Dr. Ross to me. I cannot thank Dr. Ross enough for putting a brighter smile back on my face."

-Kerry Schooley

"Dear Dr. Ross,
Just a note of thanks and appreciation for your fine effort on my behalf and the courtesy your staff extended to my granddaughter Alexis. Even though I would have preferred not to have to go through the necessary treatments to restore my oral health I am very thankful. Your staff is welcoming, kind and considerate. A great reflection of your commitment to your patients and professionalism. "

See you in November, Arthur
Thank you everybody - Alexis

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