The thought of losing any permanent teeth can be devastating for many, but advances in dental technology have made it possible for people to live normal lives with artificial teeth. When you talk to your periodontist in Miami, FL, you will discover there are options available beyond traditional dentures that were popular in past generations. These days, natural-looking dental implants are not only a viable option, but a preferred one. Here are three compelling reasons why implants might be the solution for your dental issues.

1. Low Maintenance

If the thought of taking out your dentures every day and soaking them in a cleaning solution overnight seems daunting, you should know dental implants do not require such maintenance. In fact, you take care of implants just like your natural teeth. Simply brush them two times or more per day and floss at least once a day. You can even use mouth wash, if you choose. No removal or extra cleaning solutions are required.

2. Bone Preservation

The roots of your teeth serve to form a foundation for your teeth but they also maintain the structure of your jaw bone. When you lose a tooth, there is nothing in the jaw bone to stimulate bone growth. Over time, the bone deteriorates, changing the shape of your face and making it more susceptible to injury. Implants use titanium posts placed directly into the bone, preventing deterioration and bone loss.

3. Long-Term Investment 

You might notice the upfront dental implant cost is more than some other tooth replacement options. While it seems like a large investment, implants that are properly cared for could last a lifetime. Instead of receiving a tooth replacement option that will need to be replaced, implants save money, time and unnecessary pain in the long-run.  

When you are searching for the best solutions for replacing your missing teeth, you should give careful consideration to the benefits of dental implants. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott B. Ross or Dr. Bradley A. Ross or learn more by calling 866-893-7687.