Did you know that June 19th is National Kissing Day? People of all kinds will be celebrating all over the country with smooches and pecks. Meanwhile, we here at South Florida Periodontics & Dental Implants want to make sure that your gums are pink, healthy and in perfect shape for kissing.

Unfortunately, gum disease is a common issue that affects many millions of Americans. Treating gum disease with proper oral hygiene and various dental procedures before it progresses to a severe stage is ideal, so arm yourself with the knowledge you need to recognize and deal with gum disease.

Symptoms and Treatment of Gum Disease

Gum disease may either cause significant pain and symptoms or it may cause very few problems and go unseen and untreated for some time. Have you noticed that your teeth bleed when you brush or floss them or even when you eat firm foods? Have you experienced pain or discomfort in your mouth area or noticed that your gums have become very sensitive? Perhaps you have observed your gums gradually pulling away from your teeth or your teeth starting to become loose and out of place. These can all be signs of gum disease.

LANAP® laser gum surgery is one of the most effective dentistry tools for stopping gum disease in its tracks and restoring health and function to an inflamed mouth. LANAP® is different from traditional gum surgery because it works quickly and easily to treat infected gums while being only minimally invasive and minimally painful.

We Are Here to Help

Trust Drs. Bradley and Scott Ross to help you out when getting ready to pucker up for National Kissing Day and far beyond. If you have gum disease in Miami, FL, and are looking for an expert dentist to work with, we are happy to help. Simply give us a call today at (305) 270-1350 and chat with one of our friendly, professional office team members.