One challenge many people encounter when considering dental implants, is not having the adequate amount of bone density. A certain amount of bone tissue is necessary for dental implants to be successful. When there is not enough of this tissue present, it can be much harder, or impossible, to place implants. Dr. Scott B. Ross encourages patients interested in dental implants to learn more about how receiving a sinus lift in Miami, FL can benefit them.

What Is the Sinus Lift Procedure?

There are many reasons why you may have suffered bone loss in your jaw. It does not matter what the cause, whether that be gum disease, untreated missing teeth or a variety of other conditions, you may be able to replace your missing teeth with implants after a sinus lift. The sinus lift procedure restores an adequate amount of bone tissue to provide a proper foundation for dental implants to form a secure bond. During the procedure, the sinus cavity is moved upwards so bone tissue can be added. Patients who have their sinuses lifted can enjoy the following benefits:
Growth of natural bone tissue

  • Protection of sinuses during dental implant placement
  • Increase chance of dental implant success 
  • Strengthening of sinus walls
  • Creation of space for upper teeth
After the operation, you will need to allow your body to heal. This ensures your procedure was successful, and allows the area to strengthen before receiving dental implants.

A sinus lift is a great option for those who want to restore their missing teeth and prevent further bone loss. Replacing missing teeth helps keep bone tissue from disintegrating by stimulating more bone growth and avoiding a change in facial structure.

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