April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month and we want to spread the word to our patients about the importance of early detection. When caught early, this type of cancer is highly treatable. However, many cases are caught during the later stages, which can make treatment more difficult. Dr. Scott Ross, Dr. Bradley Ross and the team here at South Florida Periodontics and Dental Implants want to help you learn more about this type of cancer. We offer oral cancer screenings and tips on self-screening at home.

Oral Cancer Screening

This type of exam is not invasive. The doctor will:

• Exam your tongue and the insides of your mouth for white patches and sores
• Feel this tissue to check further for any lumps or abnormalities in your mouth and neck
• Order further testing if any abnormalities are found

This screening for oral cancer in Miami, FL, can help find cancer as well as cysts, precancerous lesions and benign conditions that are known to mimic cancerous lesions.

If any sort of abnormalities are found during the screening, we can help you with the treatment or refer you to a specialist. Our team will assess your needs and follow the course of treatment that is right for you. No matter what treatment you require, we will try to make you as comfortable as possible.


Between visits to our office, we encourage you to perform self-screenings at home. Since you are familiar with the structures of your mouth, you should be able to notice any changes. Take note if you see any sores that don’t seem to heal, areas of red or white lesions, the feeling of a lump or object stuck in your throat, any numbness or pain, or a lingering sore throat.

Get Educated

The more you know about oral cancer in Miami, FL, the more you’ll be able to recognize early warning signs. Call Drs. Ross at 844-896-5191 to schedule a screening today, or for more information.