Dental implants are a common procedure for when a tooth has been lost. Due to the fact that the implant is placed directly into the jaw bone, the underlying structure needs to be resilient and durable. In some cases, before our periodontists can place an implant, they will first need to perform a bone graft in Miami, FL.

Implant Site Is Inadequate

Our periodontists will examine the bone that will be used to host the implant. Our experts will need to determine if the bone is wide and deep enough to support this new structure. In many cases, once a tooth has been lost, the bone that was holding the tooth will start to deteriorate. Areas of bone loss can often be built up with a bone graft in order to support a dental implant.

Cases Where the Bone Weakens

While dental implants are highly useful for restoring a patient’s smile and allowing him or her to talk and eat normally, they may not immediately be viable for some people. Several examples of when a bone graft in Miami, FL, will be required first include:

• Extreme instances of gum disease
• Experiencing a severe injury in the jaw
• Congenital birth defects
• Living with a missing tooth for a long period of time before seeking a replacement

Additionally, areas of the bone that are near your sinuses may not be able to support an implant right away either. This is due to the fact that the sinus area tends to be hollower than other areas. In order to increase the chances of having a successful procedure, we may recommend getting a bone graft or sinus lift prior to the implant.

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