During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many people are asking how they can decrease their risk of developing systemic diseases like cancer and diabetes. Dr. Bradley A. Ross, Dr. Scott B. Ross and the rest of us at South Florida Periodontics & Dental Implants want to let you in on a secret: excellent oral health is a great way to improve your overall health and limit your chance of developing systemic medical conditions.  

What Diseases Are Linked to Poor Oral Hygiene?  

While gum disease does not directly cause cancer or any other systemic disease, it can make symptoms worse and treatment more difficult.  Poor oral health is linked to:  

 ·         Diabetes
 ·         Heart Disease
 ·         Kidney caner
 ·         Blood cancer
 ·         Pancreatic cancer
 ·         Diabetes
 ·         Premature birth  

In many cases, treating and eliminating gum disease can improve the patient’s ability to cope with any systemic medical issues. Conversely, unchecked periodontal illness can cause complications. As such, all medical and dental professionals should be informed about a patient’s overall health.  

How Do You Limit the Risk?  

To decrease the chance of treatment and health complications, all you have to do is maintain proper oral care. Luckily, prevention is not just easy to do. It is the most effective way to combat gum disease. Remember, when you brush, pay close attention to your gum line and use floss to remove any remaining plaque. If you want to energize your hygiene regiment, include a mouth rinse in your daily routine. The plaque-fighting liquid effortlessly reaches into those easy to miss and hard to reach spots in your mouth.  

If you want to speak with a periodontist in Miami, FL about your gum health and prevention techniques, call Drs. Scott and Bradley Ross at (305) 504-2682 to set up an appointment. Our trained and experienced professionals are ready to answer your questions and get you back on the road to healthy gums.