Tooth extraction is one of the more anxiety-inducing dental treatments. It seems like an extreme solution to a problem, but the fact remains that it is a fairly common procedure. Still, many people know very little about the treatment or when it is appropriate. To learn more visit Dr. Bradley Ross, your periodontist in Miami FL.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

There are many reasons a tooth may need to be extracted. Some of them are concrete, such as for alignment reasons. Other times, a tooth is simply decayed to a point where it cannot be saved by other methods. While tooth extraction is a common procedure, it is still treated as a last resort. If you are told that a tooth needs to be extracted, it is very likely that rebuilding it or strengthening it will no longer work. Common reasons a tooth extraction may be necessary include:

 1.       Irreversible tooth decay
 2.       Severe infection
 3.       Gum disease
 4.       Fractured teeth
 5.       Supernumerary teeth (extra teeth in the way)
 6.       Orthodontic treatment
 7.       Cosmetic treatment

The best way to know if one of your teeth needs to be extracted is to visit a periodontist.

The Procedure

If a tooth needs to be extracted, it can either be done through a simple or surgical procedure. Surgical extraction is only necessary if the damaged area is below the gumline. As the name implies, simple extraction is not a very complicated procedure, but surgical extraction requires cutting into the gums. Both kinds require anesthesia, but a simple extraction will likely only use a local anesthesia.

Extraction is an intimidating procedure, but a very important one. If extraction is necessary, but not performed, severe pain is likely to follow. Ignoring the problem is not an option. Come see Dr. Ross, your periodontal specialist in Miami, FL, to learn if extraction is the right treatment for your dental issue. We provide advanced periodontal services in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Make your appointment with us today by calling (305) 504-2682.