Replacing a lost, permanent tooth used to sound like a construction zone: abutments, bridges, models. Dr. Bradley Ross and Dr. Scott Ross have a better way to initiate your start to a more confident smile; they offer dental implants for Miami, FL for patients seeking to achieve a beautiful smile. With September recognized as National Self Improvement Month, why wait to start working on your ideal smile?  

Is It Just Me?

As many as 69 percent of middle-aged adults have lost one or more permanent teeth, a problem that may cause embarrassment, even lowering a person’s self-esteem. Tooth loss occurs when the root becomes damaged as the result of injury or poor oral health. Dental implants mimic replacement roots, which function and simulate natural teeth.  

What to Expect

There are several steps involved in placing the dental implant. Here is what you can expect:  

1.       A metal post is placed in your jawbone.
2.       As the jawbone heals, between six to twelve weeks, the bone integrates and fuses with the post, permanently affixed.
3.       Once the area is healed, a connector post is attached to hold the new crown.
4.       A precise model of your bite is created, ensuring the tooth replacement will match the size and color shade of existing teeth.
5.       The new tooth is attached, simulating the functionality and appearance of a natural tooth.  

A tooth replacement procedure is most appropriate for people with sufficient bone to hold the implant, as well as those who have healthy gums.  Dr. Bradley Ross and Dr. Scott Ross prefer the replacements over partial dentures and bridges, believing they are more beneficial for longevity.  

Because they fuse to the natural bone, they prove to be more secure, preventing slipping or traditional clicking noises, typically associated with dentures when one speaks. By far one of the most beneficial aspects remains the simulation of functionality and appearance to your natural teeth.  

Contact our office at (305) 504-2682 for an appointment with Dr. Scott Ross and Dr. Bradley; We will asses your specific needs and will discuss dental implants options in Miami, FL that may be right for you.