Each year, countless Americans develop a gum infection that advances to gum disease, with very few receiving the proper treatment. Without proper dental therapy, there is an increased risk for significant oral health concerns, such as jawbone and tooth loss. LANAP®, which stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, is the single laser-based, FDA-cleared approach for treating periodontal disease.  

Benefits of Laser Alternative Therapy  

The laser-based therapy behind LANAP® actually assists the supporting bone structure in your teeth to regenerate. This method utilized for treating periodontal disease, which eradicates harmful bacteria and diseased tissue from the gums, proves to be far less invasive than traditional procedures. LANAP® controls gum disease and makes it possible to save and restore healthy teeth that might otherwise require extraction. Other benefits of LANAP® include:  

 ·         Minimal discomfort
 ·         Faster healing times
 ·         Little gum recession
 ·         Decreased sensitivity
 ·         Reduced risk of infection
 ·         Minimal or decreased bleeding  

As a minimally invasive alternative to traditional gum surgery, LANAP® does not require any stitching or cutting of the gum tissue. It preserves your natural teeth that may otherwise have been lost and induces bone tissue regeneration.  

Warning Signs and Symptoms    

Four out of five people are unaware that they have some degree of gum disease. Most people are unaware of the symptoms regarding the disease because the early stages are often painless. However, it is vital to be mindful of warning signs and symptoms, such as persistent bad breath, inflamed gums, loosened teeth and tenderness. Proper oral hygiene, a healthy diet and routine dental checkups can assist in reducing your risk of developing periodontal disease.  

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