Nearly three out of every four Americans suffers from some type of gum disease. Unfortunately, far too many people fail to recognize this problem as being the epidemic that it truly is. Most think that the worst that this condition can do to them is cause them to lose a few teeth, and since so many tooth replacement procedures are seemingly available to them, that’s not even a major concern. What they fail to realize is that the net result of gum disease can be far worse than a shattered smile.

Potential Dangers

Many of the same pathogens that are found to be causes of very serious acute and chronic conditions in the body have been associated with gum disease. Thus, researchers have recently begun to establish a link between this condition and much more serious ailments such as:

·         Stroke
·         Neurological deficits
·         Diabetes
·         Heart Disease
·         Head, neck, and pancreatic cancers

The good news is that one is not doomed to continue to be plagued with this condition. Whether you are in the early stages of gingivitis or are suffering from advanced periodontitis, you have treatment options.

Why Choose LANAP®?

One such option is Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, or LANAP®. Unlike more advanced treatments that involve multiple tooth extractions and/or cutting into your gums, LANAP® uses a highly precise laser to target the infected areas of your gums and eradicate them. This not only allows you to save areas of your teeth and gums that may have otherwise been lost in previous treatments, but it also helps to stimulate the growth of new gum tissue and solid bone regeneration. All of this is done using a minimally invasive technique that allows you to return to your regular routines much faster.

Don’t allow gum disease to take its toll on you or your family. Treatment options such as LANAP® can have you back to enjoying good oral health in no time at all. Drs. Scott and Bradley Ross have the necessary experience to offer you this benefit. Call us at (305) 504-2682 to inquire about your qualifications for LANAP® today.