If you are like most people, you may have limited knowledge about osteoporosis, the condition that causes bone loss. It is commonly known that osteoporosis results in fragile bones and increased risk of fractures, but did you know that it may also affect your oral health? The condition more frequently occurs in older women but it has also been linked with gum disease. Gum disease, when left untreated, leads directly to significant loss of bone in the jaw. This extensive bone deterioration also occurs after tooth loss or extraction. This link provides yet another reason to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile with the help of your periodontist in Miami, FL.

How Osteoporosis Negatively Impacts Your Smile
• Loss of your overall bone density can impact your teeth and jaw, which are also made of bone tissue.
• Medications used to treat bone related issues can sometimes, unfortunately, result in weakened bones.
• Compromised bone density can accelerate the symptoms associated with gum disease.

What Your Periodontist Can Do To Help
Identify: Your dentist or periodontist may be the first to identify a problem after your exam and x-rays are performed. These annual images provide an excellent history of the density of your bone and teeth. Tooth loss, gum disease, or even changes in the way dentures fit can be indications of osteoporosis.
Treat: Your periodontist in Miami, FL, can help you opt for measures that will increase bone density, such as bone grafting or dental implants. Grafting is a procedure that augments bone volume while implants preserve bone. Dental implants have the distinction of replicating a tooth and its root, creating a stimulus for circulation to the jaw; this prevents bone deterioration.
Partner: A dental professional will also partner with your medical doctor to ensure that you get the highest quality care available. A general practitioner may want to prescribe medication that can affect oral health.

For those concerned about osteoporosis, a consultation with Dr. Bradley A. Ross or Dr. Scott B. Ross may be an excellent start on the path to bone health. Our periodontists can discuss with you any factors that increase your risk of osteoporosis and what you can do to fight it. Schedule a consultation with us today!