Dental implants come with many benefits and are an excellent way to replace missing teeth. Implants bring greater comfort than other restorations, improve the patient’s self-esteem and prevent resorption of jawbone tissue back into the body. While many implants are made out of titanium, patients should consider the advantages of ceramic dental implants in Miami, FL.   Ceramic Is Preferable for Patients Allergic to Metal   Although titanium allergies are relatively rare, a small percentage of the population does experience it, so they should avoid titanium implants at all costs. The allergic reaction occurs when ions in the metal bind to biological molecules, converting them into proteins the body may have an allergic reaction to. Patients can undergo a MELISAÒ test to determine if they have an allergy, but many patients discover they are allergic after the implant is already in place.   In the aftermath of an implant, it is paramount for patients to be on the lookout for any symptoms indicating a problem is occurring. Symptoms a titanium allergic reaction is happening include hyperplasia, eczema, facial swelling, and pain around the implant site.   Ceramic Is a Preferred Choice for Patients Wanting a Holistic Solution   Patients seeking holistic solutions to their dental problems often inquire about ceramic as an alternative to titanium or any other type of metal. Some patients simply do not want any metal in their mouths, and ceramic is a great choice that is just as strong as titanium. Ceramic implants function exactly like your natural teeth and still improve your ability to chew and speak. There is also zero risk of corrosion with ceramic implants.   South Florida Periodontics & Dental Implants Offers Ceramic as an alternative.   Dr. Scott B. Ross can examine your smile to determine if ceramic dental implants are right for you. Our periodontist offers several different kinds of implants for patients of all background, so schedule an appointment to see what would be ideal for you.