Did you know that your dentist can speed up the post-surgery healing process for you? A substance known as Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF™), when placed at the site of treatments, accelerate bone regeneration that improves bone volume. Leukocytes are white blood cells. As part of our immune system, they play an important role in healing. Platelets are responsible for causing clotting and for producing growth factors. What is created from the isolation and use of these factors is an excellent tool to encourage the success of dental implants, speed recovery after gum recession surgery, or protect against bone resorption after a tooth extraction in Miami, FL.

Benefits of L-PRF™ Accelerated Healing

  • Speeds up recovery
  • Natural and biocompatible
  • Made from your own blood so there are no risks of adverse reaction or unwanted side effects
  • Strengthens bone for bone grafting, sinus lifts and after a tooth extraction in Miami, FL
  • The fibrin can release healing growth factors for two weeks, helping the body repair itself

How Does It Work?
This procedure is performed in office. Blood is drawn and then placed into a centrifuge, which spins quickly, separating the elements of your blood. A compressed clot of fibrin is then isolated and squeezed until it is condensed into a thin matrix. This is all performed as you are sitting in the dentist chair. Your doctor will then apply it in conjunction with the bone or gum graft to encourage healing and enhance the quality of your results.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of this advanced technology? L-PRF Accelerated Healing is incorporated into numerous procedures at South Florida Periodontics and Dental Implants. Call our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Bradley Ross. Dr. Ross would be happy to discuss your oral health concerns with you, one-on-one, and provide you with solutions to restore your smile with dental implants.