Gum disease is a serious problem that can lead to loose teeth, missing teeth, a loss of bone or even heart problems. Some causes of the disease include genetics, poor oral hygiene, smoking or taking certain medications. Luckily, treatments such as laserdentistry have made it easier to fight periodontal disease.  

 Benefits of Laser Dentistry  

Laser dentistry has many benefits over traditional treatment for gum disease. One of the biggest benefits is that lasers are very precise, making it easier for them to target the exact area that is diseased. The precision means more of your healthy gum tissue will be salvageable. In addition, lasers do not require general anesthetic, and for most patients, there is minimal bleeding, swelling and pain. This means recovery time is often faster so that people can return to work or other responsibilities much more quickly.  
How We Do the Procedure  

When you come to see our dentists, Dr. Bradley A. Ross, D.M.D. and Dr. Scott B. Ross, D.D.S., P.A., we begin by pre-testing the bacteria to determine how much infection is in your gums. Next, we use laser treatments to decontaminate the deep pockets. After decontamination, we use a microscope and the laser to provide treatment. Finally, we will test to ensure our laser treatment results are valid. Depending on your level of infection, you may need to attend several check-up appointments to ensure no further treatment is necessary.   Do not let gum disease take over your life. Schedule a consultation and laser gum treatment by contacting our team at South Florida Periodontics & Dental Implants.