Dental implants are an excellent option to restore the appearance and function of missing teeth. No other tooth replacement offers the permanence, convenience, and bone health benefits of dental implants in Miami, FL. Dental implants are a stress-free alternative to dentures and with a little maintenance, they can last you a lifetime. Dr. Bradley Ross can offer advice to help you care for your restorations.

Three Tips to Maintaining Your Dental Implants

1.       Brush and floss your implants every day. Your dental implants require the same oral hygiene routine as your natural teeth: floss at least once per day and brush a minimum of twice per day. While the implants are an artificial replication of your teeth, you gum tissue remains and if you do not clear away the plaque and bacteria, a condition similar to gum disease can occur, called peri-implantitis. This can threaten the success of your dental implants. Practice good oral hygiene and call your periodontist at the first sign of bleeding gums.

2.       Continue to schedule regular exams and cleanings. Routine visits allow your hygienist to keep your implants clean and free of plaque. It also gives your doctor the opportunity to check your gums for infection and your implants for any unusual wear or areas of concern.

3.       Treat your dental implants well and give up habits that might put them at risk. They are an investment in your smile. Do not chew ice, pens, or taffy. If you think it could chip your teeth or pull out a crown, avoid it. Wear a mouth guard if you are active in sports or a night guard if you have a problem with grinding or clenching your teeth. Most importantly, do not smoke or use tobacco of any kind. Making a few changes in your habits can protect your smile from the bleeding gums of periodontal infection.

If you are interested in replacing lost teeth with dental implants in Miami, FL, or need a periodontist who knows how to care for your new implants, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ross today.