Are you living with dentures? Dreaming of a prosthetic that looks more lifelike or fits better in your mouth? You may want to consider All-on-4® dental implants in Miami, FL as a permanent replacement for your natural teeth.

What is the Difference Between All-on-4® and Dentures?

Let’s start by looking at dentures. Most dentures stay in place using natural suction and adhesives, such as gels or creams. They cover a wide area, including the roof of your mouth, and are customized for your physical needs. However, many times traditional dentures may look bulky or unnatural in appearance.

All-on-4® dental implants also use a prosthetic, but it is anchored firmly into the mouth by four precisely placed titanium-based posts. These posts are surgically inserted into the jaw bone. The personalized All-on-4® dental implant prosthetic is added to the posts, either immediately or after your first surgery, depending upon your periodontist’s recommendations. Since All-on-4® dental implants are anchored in place, they are smaller and allow you greater freedom of movement with your tongue and appear natural.

How Do All-on-4® Dental Implants Perform Versus Dentures?

In general, most patients who have had dentures before and transitioned to All-on-4® dental implants in Miami, FL, are quite thrilled with the results. Although both All-on-4® dental implants and dentures will allow you to eat more normally, speak more clearly and feel less self-conscious, the All-on-4® dental implants offer other advantages:

·         The dental implant posts naturally massage the jawbone just as normal teeth do. This protects the bone from further density loss, which can actually change the face of the shape and cause dentures to slip.

·         The All-on-4® dental implants do not require any sticky gels or adhesives to stay in place.

·         Patients have noted that the gumline looks more attractive with All-on-4® dental implants.

Want to hear more about this phenomenal option for people who have lost all their teeth or must have their teeth extracted?  Call us for a consultation on All-on-4® dental implants in Miami, FL, today.