You might not think about how often you use your teeth until you lose one or two of your permanent ones. Suddenly, speaking and chewing become much more difficult. Luckily, dental technology has advanced far enough to not only supply patients with denture options but also functional implants. However, some people either dive in too fast or hesitate because they do not understand what is involved with dental implant cost. Here are some factors you should consider and consult with your Miami periodontist about.

• Materials: Titanium posts are usually used for dental implants because they are strong and cost less to make and place. However, patients with allergies might opt for ceramic implants, which may add to the final price.
• Number: The final cost of your implant procedure will depend largely on how many implants you are getting. It is possible to get a full set of dentures using only four implants. Keep in mind that the more implants you require, the higher the cost will be.
• Surgery: The cost of actually performing the surgery is separate from the cost of the implants themselves. You need to take into account the services the surgeon is performing. Talk with your periodontist to find out about the cost.
• Abutments: You will also want to consider abutments, which are placed around bridges for support, as well as general upkeep and restoration. These costs may be in addition to the implants and surgery.

Schedule a Consultation First

The best way to fully understand how much an implant procedure will run you is to talk to your periodontist in a consultation. Your periodontist can answer all of your questions and break down the costs in a way you can understand. The final price to you may differ depending on your dental insurance coverage. Many offices may also have payment plans available. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott B. Ross or Dr. Bradley A. Ross at South Florida Periodontics & Dental Implants, contact our office today.