The average dental patient may not realize that what they know about gum disease may actually be incorrect. Our dental office with Dr. Bradley A. Ross and Dr. Scott B. Ross, a team of knowledgeable periodontists who treat gum disease in Miami, FL, can help you learn the truth about gum disease. Knowing what facts about this condition are true and which ones are not can help you figure out how to treat problems like bleeding gums or other oral health concerns. Here are the most common gum disease myths debunked:

Bleeding Gums Are Okay

If your gums bleed every time you brush or floss, that is not normal. This may actually be one of the first signs of periodontal disease. It is best to schedule a visit with our staff if you notice blood in the sink after brushing or flossing.

Flossing Is Not Necessary

Speaking of flossing, many patients still are under the impression that flossing is not necessary. The truth is, flossing every day is the only way to help reduce the amount of bacteria and food particles that can live in between the spaces of your teeth and along your gum line. If you avoid flossing, you could experience more cavities, decay and gum discomfort.

A Lost Tooth Cannot Be Fixed

Another myth concerns teeth you may have already lost. If you have missing teeth, you could be a candidate for dental restoration procedures to help revive your smile once again. Our team provides dental implant services to give you your smile back.

Visiting the Periodontist Is Intimidating

The last myth that is common with some dental patients is that visiting a periodontist is stressful. The reality is, a periodontist is a dental professional who can develop the best treatment plan for diseased gums. Our doctors use minimally-invasive laser gum surgery to repair the problems of gum disease.

If you want a team with experience with your specific gum problem, contact our office today. Our office promises a personalized and comfortable visit to help you achieve optimal oral health.