If you have missing or damaged teeth, there are several options for replacement to give you a confident smile once again. Without teeth, many people struggle with low self-esteem and lack of confidence that can affect professional and personal relationships. There are many treatment options available, and the right one is different for every patient. Many opt for dentures in Miami, FL to replace their missing teeth, and we want to help you understand your options before making a choice.

5 Reasons Patients Choose Dentures

There are five main reasons that patients choose dentures:

·         Relatively inexpensive, compared to other treatments

·         Convenient and easy to get in many different offices

·         Quick creating, meaning patients walk away with a full mouth of teeth almost immediately

·         Materials are easy to find

·         They have been around for centuries and the process has been perfected to make the risks minimal

5 Reasons Patients Don’t Choose Dentures

While dentures are a valuable option, there are other, more advanced treatments that offer their own benefits. These are the five main reasons that patients don’t choose dentures.

·         They must be removed at night in order to rinse and soak them for cleaning

·         Dentures may click or slip when laughing, eating, kissing or talking in social situations

·         Bone loss may occur in the jawbone where there are missing teeth, where dental implants are a permanent option that also stimulates the jawbone to grow back

·         Other treatment options may be more natural looking than dentures

·         Cost effectiveness may decrease over time with dentures as opposed to other treatments

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Dr. Ross is proud to offer his patients different options to replace teeth, including dentures. Because every patient is unique, a consultation is often necessary to determine what works best for you and your individual needs. If you are ready to rebuild a bright, natural looking smile, contact our office today to learn more.