There are a lot of guides dedicated to eating healthy and maintaining a healthy diet during the holiday season, but not many of them focus on maintaining your overall health. As a periodontist in Miami, FL, our primary concern is keeping your teeth and gums healthy. We have a number of tips for maintaining good nutrition regardless of how many holiday parties you attend.

Avoid Too Much Sugar

One of the easiest ways to protect your teeth and gums during the holidays is to take it easy on the sweets. This usually doesn’t mean that you have to lay off the sugar entirely, but it does mean that it’s often a good idea to stop after the first serving of pie or cake. Reducing your sugar intake is a simple way to enjoy the holiday season while still preserving your oral health.

Have Healthy Snacks on Hand

Going light on the sugar doesn’t have to mean going hungry. Just make sure that you have vegetables, fruits and other sugar-free snacks on hand to supplement your meals. After you have your first serving of sweets, switch to healthy treats to keep your teeth in good shape.

Maintain Good Oral Health

Regardless of where you go during the holidays, it’s important to carry a toothbrush and other oral health supplies with you. Keep up with your brushing and flossing to keep your teeth and gums free of decay or infection.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is good for your overall health and also good for your teeth. Drinking water washes bacteria out of your mouth and helps clean your teeth naturally. It’s also a great way to prevent bad breath.

If you are worried about your holiday nutrition and oral health, schedule an appointment with the office of Dr. Ross in the new year. Happy Holidays!