Since millions of individuals all over the country have gum disease, September has become known in numerous medical circles as National Gum Care Month. Your gums should be cared for all year long, but now is a good time to start making any necessary health changes. By altering your health care routine, you can do yourself a lot of good in reducing the effects of gum disease in Miami, FL, particularly bleeding gums.

1. Consider Your Home Oral Health Care Routine

If your gums bleed any time your brush or floss, then you certainly should not stop doing those activities. You might actually want to think about increasing the frequency you do them. Teeth should be brushed twice a day for two minutes each time while flossing should be done once daily. Also be sure to check that the toothpaste you are using contains fluoride.

2. Take a Look at Your Diet

Essential nutrients need to be consumed in order to prevent periodontal disease. Cut back on sweets, trying to only eat them in moderation. If you do eat something sugary, then make sure to brush your teeth afterward so that the sugar does not give any bacteria something to munch on.

3. See Our Periodontist

If bleeding gums persist, then there may be an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Do not delay seeing our periodontist in favor of changing your home health care. In the event your case of gum disease has advanced significantly, then changes to your home care routine are likely not going to effectively reverse the problem.

Give Us a Call

There are plenty of other symptoms of gum disease aside from bleeding gums. To prevent any of them from happening you should schedule regular appointments at the office of Dr. Bradley A. Ross and Dr. Scott B. Ross. We can be reached by contacting 866-893-7675.